RefraQ — Voices Of Aorr

June 14, 2020 at 07:00PM — Voices Of Aorr
RefraQ — Voices Of Aorr — Northlands EP

Enjoy RefraQ’s “Voices Of Aorr” this Sunday.

Taken from his debut EP on Inspected. Full EP: June 17th

Gradually crafted over time and with experience – and all complemented by his equally unique and captivating black and white animations – ‘Northlands’ is the culmination of everything RefraQ has created so far and a peak into the A/V world he wants to reveal more of in the future. Each Wednesday another track will release and build the full EP.

1. The Phasmid
2. Plucked from the Pixie Ring
3. Voices of Aorr
4. Necromancer

Cat. No.: INSP041

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